Toys And Games

Types Of Toys

The toys are manufactured in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, functions, etc., adapting to each stage or any special case that the person has.

Commonly known as a toy is an object designed for children, so that they are entertained and manage to stimulate their senses.

Types Of Toys

Construction toys

They are toys designed to increase the skills of children, who must combine a series of pieces or elements to get different shapes. Usually the pieces are made of wood or plastic, which are easy to manipulate.

Multimedia toys

They are modern toys where the child manages to learn and entertain himself using certain technological devices, such as smart phones, tablets, consoles, internet, computers, video games, etc.

Educational toys

They are those toys that aim to promote the enjoyment, entertainment, understanding of the child, and at the same time help them to correctly assimilate school content. With its use, infants manage to increase their capacity for attention, reinforcement, memory, spatial orientation, etc.

Example: question and answer toys, puzzles, educational video games, alphabet soup, etc.

Adapted toys

These are games that are designed according to the child’s age, or that can be adapted according to the child’s growth. These are usually playful and come to benefit and stimulate the child. Through these children can discover the world around them.

Ecological toys

These are toys made with natural material, which teach in an ecological way. These fires are usually made by hand, where various materials are used such as paper, wood, wool, cardboard, metal and plush. By being made by hand, it is possible to reduce the environmental impact of its manufacture.

Many of the ecological toys have been created with recycled materials which comes to respect the environment.

Physical toys

Refers to games that are linked to strength, speed and endurance. Physical games are also included, which are those carried out in groups where children always carry out some sporting activity.

Examples of physical games are rope, hide, topao, soccer. And of physical toys, it is the jump rope, the ball, the rope, etc.

Ruler toys

With these types of toys, the child, by following the manufacturer’s rules, learns to respect the rules and to interact much better with others. When playing with toys made of rules, children develop certain attitudes much better, such as strategy and planning. An example of these toys is monopoly, chess, Parcheesi, etc.

With these toys, children are able to stimulate the control of aggressiveness, learn new strategies and interact with others, and learn about democracy and responsibility.

Manipulative toys

These are toys that can be controlled with reflexes, fingers, hearing, hand-eye coordination, etc. Examples of these toys are puzzles, constructions and puzzles.

Symbolic toys

It is about the toys with which the child comes to play certain roles or roles of other characters. Examples of this are dolls and game tools with which you can play parenting or professions such as a doctor, mechanic, teacher, engineer, architect, dentist, etc.

These toys come to stimulate cooperation and communication between children, contribute to emotional and social adaptation, promote the development of will, morality and allow the correct assimilation of forms of behavior, etc.

Cooperative Toys

They are also known as group toys. These manage to stimulate the infant so that he learns to interact with others, stimulating him to communicate in groups, to participate in any game and to learn to accept others.

Toxic toys

It refers to those toys that are made with products that can be harmful to the child if they consume it or put them in the mouth. Examples of this are some sets of putties, makeup, etc.

War or war toys

They are those toys that can lead the child who has no orientation about this game, to create a violent and destructive behavior. An example of this are weapon toys.

Noisy toys

They are the games that their operation or when using it expel a sound that becomes annoying for other people. Examples of this are pistols and rifles.

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