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The games are recreational activities and physical time are held to entertain and amuse besides being an exerciser therefore some skill or ability of a person.

For centuries games have been forms of skill demonstrations, an example of this was the games that were carried out in ancient Rome where they were performed in amphitheaters and coliseums, not to mention ancient Egypt where physical games are performed for check forces among warriors.

Games constitute enjoyment for both the mind and the body, being a recreational activity that requires the participation of one or more people, to provide fun and entertainment to the participants.

The word game comes from the Latin iocus which is synonymous with joke.

Childish games

They are also known as traditional or classic games , these types of games do not require the help of any complex instruments or toys or of technological types, but only require the body itself and the resources offered by its surroundings such as the ground, tree branches, pebbles. , etc…

Popular games

Popular games are those that have been reverberating from time to time and are inherited from generation to generation, being immutable and unforgettable even over the years.

In general, these games are those taught by the grandparents and played by the ancestors but which are part of a culture, city and a specific country.

Also known as traditional , these games are linked to recreational activities where they not only serve as distraction and entertainment, but also as recreation and extension to the motor system of an individual.

Table games

They are called board games because they are developed on a flat surface where the board or other game element is in accordance with the straightness of the base and maintains the instrument’s posture.

In general, board games are made up of a board and chips that are presented in different shapes and different colors to distinguish them from each other. However, depending on the game that is, these can vary and come attached to other instrumentation but belonging to the same game.

Didactical games

They are the types of games that are used as participatory tools and techniques as a teaching and development method mainly in children.

In schools these types of games have been implemented to help students develop their learning system and help them in their discipline, stimulating them to appropriate behavior and personally, to their self-determination.

Playful Games

Regularly implemented in study and learning centers, this type of game is used to help students take ownership of the topics taught in the classrooms. It is not only used as a method of recreation and fun, but also to develop skills and activities in a deep way. It is as if they were teachings imparted through play.

Electronic games

As its name implies, electronic games are those that are properly executed by an electronic device but managed through the interaction of one or more people.

Mental games

They are types of playful games whose main objective is to stimulate the human mind and develop its functions through games that develop skills, thus increasing the brain’s intellectual capacities. Many of these games are: crosswords, riddles, hidden phrases, games with numbers etc …

Physical Games

Also known as sports games for the use of the body, since they are activities that seek to recreate and exercise the participants, implying respect for the established rules of said games.

In general, these types of games are taught in teams where they compete against each other following the same dynamics established in a given game.

Adult games

They are recreational activities specially designed to be played among adults and in this way create an environment that fosters a set of values, thus giving them an enjoyable way and with a sense of fun.

Bingo is one of the most common games in adults, but mainly in the elderly, this provides development and maintenance even in their mental abilities apart from providing entertainment.

Video game

They are considered as interactive applications that are executed through controls and commands that allow the image to be detailed on a screen or monitor thanks to a game console that is becoming smaller and smaller.

Recreational Games

They are those that are carried out for fun and recreation but that at the same time exercise the body and mind of the participants. This type of game is considered playful because it is beneficial to the development of motor, social, mental and physical abilities.

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